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Free Ballot Paper Templates for Board Elections in Associations

Here you can download free templates of ballot papers for your association’s election.
The structure of ballot papers can vary from election to election and has to be individually adjusted according to the requirements of your board of directors elections and the election code or bylaws. 

Ballot Paper Templates for Candidate Elections

The ballot for candidate elections consists of a list of candidates, which goes with a field to cast your vote. When using the first-past-the-post system, the candidate with the majority wins. Members can cast one vote per candidate and have as many votes as open positions in the election. For example, if the new board of directors has four new positions, the voter has four votes. 

Free ballot templates to download for your association's elections
Ballot template for a candidate election with more than one candidate (PDF)

If you have just one candidate standing for election, you'll need a different ballot: 
Ballot template for a candidate election with one candidate (PDF)

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Ballot Paper Templates for List Elections

In some organisations, the board of directors is elected through an election list. This means that the voter votes for an entire list with the same number of candidates as positions on the board.
Board elections have two variations: voting “en bloc”, where a vote is cast for an entire list, or where votes are cast for individual candidates on different lists. 

Free ballot paper template for a list election
Ballot paper template for an "en bloc" list election
Ballot paper template for an open list election

POLYAS Tip: When voting online, the POLYAS online voting system creates tailored ballot papers for your association.
We simplify the process of creating ballot papers for all election types and combinations of vote casting: 

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Advantages of Online Ballots

If you create your ballot papers digitally with the POLYAS online voting system, you already have useful ballot papers templates at hand which can be adjusted according to your needs.
Add your candidates and further information with a few clicks and your ballots are ready to use. Upload your electoral roll and inform the members of your association of your online election. Have a look at this short video explaining how our online voting system works!

Online voting saves time. Ballots do not need to be created, packed and sent out to your members individually. Instead, voters can receive their credentials via email and vote online. 

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