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Elect your board of directors online

Association Elections Online

  • Easy board of directors elections with quick election results
  • Increased voter turnout thanks to convenient voting
  • Legally valid voting process in accordance with highest data protection

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Online elections with online ballots

Facilitate election management and reduce costs

The election of a new board is an important act in association life. There are regular expenses in the preparation and planning of board elections as election documents must be created, sent, returned and counted manually. Gain an overview about board of directors elections in associations!

Conduct your association's election as a purely online election and let your members vote online - worldwide. Our online election experts will support you with setting up and evaluating your election. You can also carry out live voting directly at your general assembly and combine it with an online election. POLYAS takes care of the implementation of the live vote at the general assembly and provides you with legally valid election results.

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Reduce costs and election expenses by voting online

Through online voting you can reduce your election costs by up to 70%. Since key processes are performed digitally, online voting enables you to effectively eliminate printing and postage costs. Save valuable time when creating the ballot with the click of a mouse, assign different groups of voters and save your settings for future elections.

Additionally, with the online election system from POLYAS, you can view the number of votes cast in real time and motivate the electorate to vote during the election period. You will subsequently receive the election results with the click of a button. In doing so you won't have to count votes by hand any longer.

Increase voter turnout in your board of directors election

Easily inform your association members about the board of directors election and the candidates online. Take advantage of the possibilities of digital election communication to effectively motivate your electorate.

With online elections you allow your electorate to enjoy a convenient voting experience. Your voters can vote even if they are unable to attend the polling station. Online voting enables you to increase your voter turnout which in turn gives your elected leaders a greater legitimacy when making decisions regarding policy issues within your association.

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Increase turnout through combined ballot box and online voting
Include online elections in your electoral statutes

Incorporate online voting into your electoral code

The procedure as to how your association may conduct elections legally is enshrined in the electoral code of the association. There you will find the necessary majorities to be achieved and procedures for association elections. To perform online association elections you should simply include electronic voting in your electoral code. 
We'll support you with practical suggestions and legally valid formulations so that you can take advantage of the convenient voting process and election results. Contact our experienced online voting experts!

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