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  • Reduce election costs by up to 70% through digital processes
  • Generate a high turnout through convenient voting
  • Elect your board and equal opportunities officer online

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Facilitate election administration with online voting by POLYAS

Effective election management and reduced costs

Elect your equality officers or the trustee for severely disabled persons online and save time: Simply create ballots online, upload the electoral roll and receive the election results at your fingertips. Everything is safely documented.

Reduce your costs for the electoral management with online elections. According to its own estimates, the D21 initiative could save around 130,000 euros in personnel and travel expenses since 2003 through its online board election.

Increase turnout through convenient voting

When conducting your company's election online, your employees do not need to find a polling station to cast their vote. The voters can vote conveniently at the workplace or any other place with Internet access. In this way, the voters do not need to consider whether they will be at the office during the election period.

Thanks to the user-friendliness of the POLYAS online voting system, it is easy for non-Internet-savvy people to participate in the election. Through convenient online voting, you can increase your voter turnout.

Increase the voter turnout by voting online
Data protection and secure servers for online elections

High security and privacy according to German law

With the POLYAS online voting software you receive legally valid election results and ensure your employees an anonymous vote.

As a German company, POLYAS is subject to German data protection regulations, German law and monitoring by German authorities. All data is stored and processed exclusively in Germany. In addition, our certified online voting software is subject to regular inspections by the National Metrology Institute of Germany (PTB) and the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

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