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  • Hold board of directors elections online and get legally binding election results
  • Combine online voting procedures with proxy voting, postal voting and traditional ballot box voting for your election
  • Convenient voting for your members from anywhere for a higher turnout

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Efficient election management with POLYAS Online Voting

Easy Election Management for Your Board Elections

The fundamental idea of cooperatives presupposes mutual support and democratic participation of all members. Board of directors and delegate elections are therefore important cornerstones. However, they are often costly.

Through online voting, you reduce the costs of your election management to a minimum. Take advantage of the benefits of digital processes and relieve your administration when preparing your regular board of directors and delegate elections.

Save valuable time in your board of directors election for the Annual General Meeting by creating ballots online, uploading the electoral roll and receiving your election results at your fingertips. Everything is safely documented.

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Legally Binding Election Results

Online board of directors elections are legally possible in co-operatives if it is documented in the bylaws. Through the POLYAS online voting system, the election results are secure and legally valid.

To perform online elections in your cooperative, you must simply include the use of electronic voting forms in your bylaws. In the bylaws, you should describe the requirements and procedure of electronic voting.

Promote the main ideas of your cooperative and motivate your members to make use of their right to vote in an easy and convenient way. Our experienced online election experts support you with concrete information on the implementation of an online voting system in your cooperative.

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Increase Voter Turnout with Online Voting

Increase turnout of your cooperative members

Inform your cooperative members about the board of directors election and their candidates online. Take advantage of the additional possibilities of digital communications to effectively motivate your voters.

Remind your voters about the forthcoming election date and motivate your members via online communications to use their right to vote. In this way, the "we" feeling in the cooperative is strengthened and the widespread member apathy is counteracted.

With online elections, you allow your members to vote in a convenient way. Your voters can also vote if they are unable to attend the AGM. In this way, you increase your voter turnout and have greater decision-making basis for the policy issues of your co-operative.

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