POLYAS Election Glossary

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Internet Election

Internet elections (also known as internet voting) include of various forms of electronic elections where the ballot paper is filled out digitally. 

The process of Electronic Voting (E-Voting) can be subdivided: 
The simplest form is to work with voting computers, which are connected via the internet or intranet. Voting still takes place in the polling station. An enhancement is the so-called polling booth where voting machines are put up outside of classic polling stations, for example in supermarkets or petrol stations.

The second option for internet elections is online voting. An online election is based on voting with a digital terminal which is connected to the election system via the internet. Advantages of online elections include increasing voter turnout by allowing voters to cast their vote from anywhere in the world, as well as deeply reducing the time, cost and effort involved in running the election and counting the votes.

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