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Vote Counting Made Easy

Vote counting takes a lot of time in traditional elections. Many volunteers have to open every ballot, record the vote and then archive the ballot. These processes can take at least a day if you have an election with 1,000 voters, and despite the care taken by volunteers, the results are still prone to errors.

With online voting, these processes vanish completely: the election results are automatically ready to download in a PDF-file 

Automatic Election Results with Online Voting

Once the online election is completed, the online voting system shuts down the modules for casting votes, the ballot box and all other technical components. Only then does vote counting in the digital ballot box begin. Interim results are not possible. 

The POLYAS online voting system counts about 1,500 votes per minute
The real counting time is dependent on the number and complexity of votes cast.
When counting the votes, they are shuffled at random so that no conclusion can be drawn about a voter's identity from the order of votes cast.

Complete online election transparency for the election officer 
The election officer can download the automatically created election results as a PDF file right after the election in their election management centre. In the document they can clearly see which option or candidate received the most votes. All invalid votes are also documented. During the election, the system gives out live information about the voter turnout. Interim results are legally not allowed.

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Wahlergebnis auf Knopfdruck erhalten

Recounting the Digital Election Result

You can also verify your online election results by recounting the ballot box. 

As an election officer, you will receive detailed documentation of the election. The digital election documentation includes database protocols from the start to the end of the election, as well as XML-files of the electoral roll and the ballot box including the corresponding encryption information. With these files, you can see your election results in a separate tool and understand the complete election process. No conclusion on the identity of the voter can be made even in the recount. Secrecy of the ballot remains protected. 

More about the independent check of election results!

Calculating the distribution of seats with the digital election result 
If you want to calculate the distribution of seats according to proportional representation, ask for your election results in a XML-file and calculate with our POLYAS tool.

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