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How to create the electoral roll for your online election

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Create the Electoral Roll as a List

Start by collecting all the necessary data from your voters. The more information you can collect from your voter, the more useful your electoral roll will be to increasing your voter turnout. However, depending on the method of mailing, the content of your electoral roll varies. 

For an online election, you need email addresses plus one personal feature of your voters. 

POLYAS-Tip: Check if all email addresses are correct before mailing the polling cards. Valid email addresses include an @ symbol, the domain with a dot, but no umlaut (ä,ü,ö,ß) or spaces. Make sure to check capitalisation and lower case printing of your entries because this data is case sensitive.

Manage and view your electoral roll online with POLYAS

Upload and Manage your Voter List Online

When you plan an online election, first create your ballots. Then you can compile your electoral roll by selecting the icon “electoral roll” in your lefthand menu bar. Find your previously created voter list on your local drive and upload it to the online voting manager. 

The POLYAS online voting system automatically checks if all necessary data is given. Incomplete data is marked red in the electoral roll. 

You can see the number of voters in your left menu bar. Should this number not correspond with the number in your electoral roll, check your entries again and upload the revised table. 

Click here to access the POLYAS online voting manager

View a sample digital electoral roll

Template for the Online Electoral Roll

Download our practical electoral roll templates. You need to have Microsoft Excel or a similar program installed. Easily enter all necessary data into our template and upload it back to the online voting manager. This is how you will guarantee the table is correctly formatted. 

Once you are done creating your electoral roll, you can start your online election with POLYAS. 

Now you can set the voting period for your election and the date to send the polling cards via email. Voters receive individual access data to the POLYAS election system in their e-poll cards. 
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