Ballots in POLYAS online voting manager

Start your online election now!

  • Easy-to-use and flexible design of your ballot
  • Assign voter groups and election rules with just a few clicks
  • Transparency and overview even with complex online board elections

Set up your election >

1. Create ballot

Click on the link to start using POLYAS online voting manager, enter the title for your election and start creating your ballot.

As soon as you access the voting manager, you can start editing the ballot table. Enter the title for your election and fill out the table with the information about your candidates or voting options. To add more rows, click on Enter. It is also possible to simply move your mouse above the rows and click on the arrow in the top right of the row. Add more rows and delete the existing rows.

Set the election rules for your digital ballot paper

2. Set election rules

When you click on the gear wheel icon near the Ballot tab, you can use the detailed settings of your ballot.

Configure rules for your online election:

  1. Click on the “Election rules” tab.
  2. Choose the type of your election: Candidate elections and polls, List elections or Customized elections.
  3. Set the number of available votes per ballot and row.
  4. Activate or deactivate the “invalid votes” option
Use further settings of the ballot paper in the POLYAS online voting manager

3. Use further settings of the ballot

Design: In this tab you can add more rows, columns and headers. Use the option of showing column titles and headers on the ballot. When you have designed your ballot, click on “Accept” button to save changes.

Sort lists: Change the order of your ballots in case you have created more than one.

Voter groups: If you would like to have more voter groups, you can create them in this tab and put them in the preferred order. The created voter groups from your electoral roll will be displayed to you.

Import: Upload more ballots at the same time in Excel format. Please use our templates to do so.

Test how you can create a ballot in POLYAS online voting manager in a few easy steps >

Create a ballot in POLYAS online voting manager >

4. Create more ballots

To create and edit additional ballot papers in the Online Voting Manager click on "+".


5. Create a ballot to hold a vote

Here is how you can create a simple vote with Yes, No or Abstention options in the Online Voting Manager: