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Increase Voter Turnout: Worldwide Vote Casting

Near empty polling stations and weak legitimisation of election winners are the results of low voter turnout. There are several reasons why people might abstain from voting, but you can stay one step ahead and reach your voters wherever they are worldwide. Voters have never lived and worked as flexibly and mobile as they do today. 

University students embarking on exchange semesters, and regular trips or longer stays abroad due to work are the norm nowadays. Make use of the digital opportunities online voting has to offer and facilitate participation in your election for all of your voters worldwide. 

A Service for your Voters Worldwide

Increasing mobility in our society should not exclude voters who live abroad from participating in elections. Notify your voters of the election via email before the election starts and inform your voters abroad about the option to vote online. This is where an election mirco-website can help. Learn more!

Before the election starts you can inform your voters about election details online and save postage in comparison to using paper poll cards. Postal voting falls short in contrast to online voting because online voting reaches the voter wherever they are and saves valuable time: a postcard sent overseas needs several days to arrive - even in the 21st century - whereas an email can go around the world in seconds. 

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Reach more Voters with a Worldwide Online Election

Get your voters to the digital polling station from anywhere in the world, take advantage of online voting and increase your voter turnout:

  • With an easy authentication process or, for example, an electronic ID card, voters can log into the election website during business trips, vacation or a trip abroad and use their right to vote digitally
  • Online voting is easy: it doesn't matter if your voters happen to be on a sailing expedition in the Pacific, exploring Africa by bike or doing business in Shanghai. All you need is any device connected to the internet to cast your vote, which can increase voter turnout immediately
  • Help your voters overcome barriers to participation: kindly notifying your voters that coming to the polling station isn't necessary anymore will make them more inclined to participate

POLYAS-Tip: Make worldwide online voting possible for your institution and save time and money – both for the election managers as well as voters. Request a legally non-binding quote from our election experts and get information about our options for online voting around the world. 

Overcoming Distance

Inform your voters about the opportunity to cast their vote online from anywhere in the world and encourage them to be part of the decision-making process in your institution. Give your voters the freedom of flexibility and offer online voting as a service for your members without any extra effort. Your members are already flexible in terms of international mobility and can now easily engage with the online voting option. Your election management team can bring the digital ballot box to your voters worldwide!