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Disability Council Elections Online

  • Elect the disability advisory council in the municipality online or in combination with absentee ballots and ballot box voting
  • Increase voter turnout through convenient online voting
  • Reduce election costs and expenses for the election management with the click of a button

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12  tips to increase your voter turnout

Elect the disability advisory council online

The disability advisory council is a consultative body within the municipal council which represents the interests of people with disabilities and promotes inclusion in accordance with the objectives of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) of 2009. All disabled persons with a severe disability or people who take care of a disabled person at home, for example the parents of disabled children, are entitled to vote.

Elect the disability advisory council comfortably and conveniently

Through an online election, you enable your electorate a simple and convenient voting. However, if you can not offer a pure online election for organisational reasons, you can simply combine different electoral procedures: Let your voters decide how they vote.

The an absentee ballot or ballot box vote easily be combined with the POLYAS online election service:

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Easy and simple online voting for increasing turnout

An online election allows your voters to easily participate in the election. Voting from everywhere in the world is possible via the Internet, requiring only an Internet-enabled device (smartphone, laptop, tablet) and no previous knowledge of the online voting system.

Online voting increases the voter turnout because of its convenient and easy nature. Our customers report a greatly increased participation in the election and positive feedback from their voters.

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Create ballot online

Cut election costs for the electoral management and receive your election results via mouse click

You do not need to print ballots or set up ballot boxes at polling stations. Even the manual counting of votes is not necessary, because POLYAS delivers the election results at your fingertips. Secure and legally valid. Through an online election with POLYAS, the municipality can save the acquisition of volunteer campaign workers.

Online elections save costs and reduce the personnel expenses of the implementation of an election

Through online elections, the community can greatly minimise the efforts of the organisation of elections, since an online election incurs less personnel and material expenses. In this way, you save valuable time in the in the preparation of ballots by designing ballots by mouse click, assigning different groups of voters and archiving the ballots for future elections. The election results can then be obtained by pressing a button, so that errors which might occur while counting votes can be excluded.

In this way, the online disability advisory council elections become cost-efficient and convenient for the community.
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