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Elect your Board of Directors Online

  • save costs, save for your community 
  • secure online voting with POLYAS election software 
  • simplfy your election management 

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Save costs by voting your board of directors online with POLYAS

Save Money for your Community Projects

As the name already suggests, in a community benefit society the community is in the focus. So why should you spend more money on your elections than you have to? Save money on your board of directors elections by voting online. This kind of election process would bring several advantages for your members and your BenCom:

  • voting online means saving money which can be used directly to benefit your community
  • online voting is paperless so your BenCom goes green 
  • your members can vote from anywhere in the world which adds flexibility to your elections 

In addition to reducing your expenses, you increase the voter turnout just by adding online voting to the voting options of your community benefit society. It is quick and easy to cast their vote so more members tend to vote. 

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Vote Securely Online with POLYAS

When voting online in your community benefit society, data security should be at the highest level. POLYAS made sure that your data is protected and developed its CORE 2.2.3. software. This voting software ensures that no connection between the voter and their casted vote can be made so the secrecy of the ballot is guaranteed. Amongst other things, secure voter authentication is another key aspect of POLYAS online voting software. 

Besides, POLYAS is the first online voting provider that is certified according to Common Criteria by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). This certificate proofs that the POLYAS CORE 2.2.3. software is secure and protects all democratic voting principles. Plus, it distinguished POLYAS from other online voting providers. 

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secure online voting with polyas
manage your election easily with polyas

Facilitate the Election Management in your Community Benefit Societies

Community benefit societies always have certain purpose, for example, housing associations, local energy providers, convenience stores or postal offices - the list is endless. BenComs care about their members and the focus should be on the common project. Therefore, time and money are important resources, which should not be wasted. Online voting is an important alternative to postal voting because voters cast their vote quick and easy online. 

POLYAS offers simple solutions to facilitate your board of directors’ election management. Create your ballot online with our ballot templates, upload your electoral roll and send invitations via Email to all eligible voters. It sounds simple because it is simple! 

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