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Candidate nomination

Simplify candidate nominations with the POLYAS Nomination Platform

  • Conduct nominations of candidates without paper and from anywhere
  • View and administer protected and decentralized data
  • Enable automatic check process and minimize error rate

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Nominate candidates with POLYAS: simply online with little effort

Nominate candidates: simply online with little effort

You would like to conduct a board, faculty or committee election at your institution and require an efficient system to record all candidates? Manage your nominations from A to Z simply online and use the POLYAS Nomination Platform for your candidate nominations.

Strengthen democracy in your organization

You can stipulate on the POLYAS Nomination Platform who is eligible to put themselves forward as candidates. For complex elections you can set up voter groups so that for instance every nominator can only put forward candidates who belong to their district or their faculty. Learn more about the right to nominate >

You can manage large numbers of candidate proposals on the POLYAS Nomination Platform and motive your nominators to actively participate in an easy way. The costs of a manual management of candidate proposals, self-nominations, and withdrawals are history. Thus, you can save on valuable time, effort and money with online nominations. With a few clicks you can make changes and always keep an overview of the status of the candidate nominations.

Transparency for election office and candidates

Save on paper and postage costs and allow your nominators to put themselves forward as candidates or nominate their ideal candidates simply online. Candidates can be nominated and supported with supporting signatures, and self-nominations as well as list nominations are also possible.

Candidates can check the status of their nomination at any time and update it themselves.

The nominees can easily withdraw or amend their nomination on the POLYAS Nomination Platform themselves during the time of the nomination process. They can also give their digital consent. You as election officer can also see the status of the nominations at any time. As such the entire process is transparent and efficient for all participants.

Transparency for election office and candidates with POLYAS
Combine nominations and online voting with POLYAS

Combine nominations and online voting

Nominating candidates online using the POLYAS Nomination Platform brings advantages to the whole election process. You can manage the candidacies online and combine it with the classical voting procedure or directly with an online voting by using the convenient export function for nominees.

In combination with online voting, manual verification processes become unnecessary thereby you also reduce the expenses and chances of errors. By placing voter groups to the linked online voting, the automatic verification processes also apply to the candidacies. As such for instance in a board election or faculty election only eligible applicants are listed. Duplicate or deficient nominations are avoided.

Data protection

The POLYAS system protects the data of all nominators and nominees at all time.
Learn more about data protection at POLYAS.