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Submit proposals of candidates on the POLYAS Nomination Platform

Submit candidate proposals online

Winning new candidates for elections in universities, clubs, associations, and chambers is not always straightforward. The process from candidate proposal to acceptance of candidacy alone comes with high material costs and administrative efforts for election officers as well as high bureaucratic demands for potential candidates.

To maintain an overview of the collection of candidate proposals, a system is necessary that encourages your nominators to put themselves and others forward as candidates, regularly informs them, and administers the submitted nominations. Administering the candidate proposals alone comprise collecting, collating, controlling, amending, accepting, and rejecting them. Learn more about the easy nomination of candidates >

Save on the administrative and personnel costs and minimise the chances of errors in your whole nominations period with the POLYAS Nomination Platform. Let your nominators and nominees submit their candidate proposals, hand in supporting signatures or give digital consent online by themselves. You only need to monitor and verify the process.

This is how it works: Digitize candidate proposals

​On the POLYAS Nomination Platform you can...

  1. Stipulate for which positions or boards candidate proposals should be submitted
  2. Decide whether self-nominations, nominations by another and/or list nominations are permitted
  3. Create an electoral register and determine who may nominate and optionally assign voter groups
  4. Set the nominations period
  5. Send invites to the nominators
  6. See and verify the submitted nominations

While you initially create voter groups in planning your nominations on the POLYAS Nomination Platform, ensure that your nominators can only nominate for the positions they are entitled to, for instance only candidates in their faculty or electoral district. By doing so you minimize the chances of errors and reduce the additional costs for verification and communication. Learn more about the right to nominate >

Benefit from the advantages of POLYAS Online Voting and combine the nominations of your candidates on the Nomination Platform with online voting. Not only will you lower the costs of your whole election planning but also benefit from automatic verification processes and counting as well as high security standards using the POLYAS Online Voting Software.

Learn more about the POLYAS Online Voting Manager now!

Digitize proposals of candidates on the Nomination Platform
Security with the POLYAS Online Voting System

Security with the POLYAS Online Voting System

POLYAS adopts the highest security standards and measures for the protection of personally identifiable information and system security. All data is stored and processed in the EU. The data protection of the nominators is according to EU GDPR standards and includes secure authentication processes and an anonymizable directory of nominees among others.

To submit a candidate proposal on the Nomination Platform, nominators log in with the PIN/TAN process or SecureLink – depending on what the election office has chosen – to the Nomination Platform using their personal credentials.

Learn more about the secure authentication for voters and all about security with POLYAS here >