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Manage self-nominations transparently

Manage self-nominations transparently

With self-nomination the eligible voter can put themselves forward for a position or board. This function can be enabled or disabled in the POLYAS Nomination Platform, depending on how the nomination right is defined in your election rules. Learn more about nomination rights >

The analog process of self-nomination for running for a post in a representation, committee, or board is bureaucratic and time-consuming. In many cases, numerous steps are necessary for a successful self-nomination, from submission of the self-nomination through the stipulation of a representation, collection of supporting signatures, correction of deficient submissions, to the withdrawal of candidacy.

Election officers must collect, control, file, and verify the corresponding supporting signatures of the submitted self-nominations. A lot of communication is necessary to ensure transparency for both sides.

As election officer, you benefit from the transparency, efficiency and user-friendliness of the POLYAS Nomination Platform. At the same time you provide your nominators with the opportunity to put themselves forward as candidates online on their own.

Check the nomination status at any time and give your eligible candidates feedback regarding to their nominations. Stay in full control during the entire nomination period with one glance at the POLYAS Nomination Platform. Learn how to put up candidates online >

Advantages of the Nomination Platform

Election officers and nominators enjoy practical advantages with the Nomination Platform:

Die wesentlichen Vorteile sind die verbesserte Koordination des Nominierungsprozesses, die Steigerung der Wahlbeteiligung sowie die Einsparung von Zeit und Kosten. Bisherige Herausforderungen wie hohe bürokratische Aufwände, unberechtigte Nominierungen, unleserliche Einträge oder eine enorme Menge an Tipparbeit beim Digitalisieren handschriftlich ausgefüllter Listen gehören damit der Vergangenheit an. So you can directly generate a ballot paper for the candidate election based on the approved candidate proposals. You can directly set up voter groups in the POLYAS Nomination Platform and thereby ensure that the candidates can only be put forward by nominators as determined by you. Collecting and verifying supporting signatures as well as communication processes can be performed flexibly on the platform.

Nominators manage their self-nominations flexibly online, obtain information about the status of the nominations and news from the election officers via the Nomination Platform, and keep an overview. Changes to the self-nomination can be undertaken on the Nomination Platform. The election office verifies the candidate proposals for formal correctness. Personally identifiable information is protected at the highest security standard at all times.

Advantages of the Nomination Platform
Security with POLYAS

Security with POLYAS

POLYAS takes diverse technological and organizational measures to ensure data protection and security in accordance with Section 9 of the (German) Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG):

 Encrypted transfer of personally identifiable information
  Password-protected access to personally identifiable information  
  Separate storage for data that serve different purposes 
  Processing personally identifiable information in accordance with the GDPR 
  Deletion concept for personal data  
  System security of the POLYAS Online Voting Software

Find out more about security at POLYAS!

Use the seamless connection between your nominations on the POLYAS Nomination Platform and the accessible online voting of candidates in the POLYAS Online Voting Manager and benefit from the automatic verification and counting processes. The POLYAS Online Voting demonstrably adheres to the five election principles: free, equal, secret, universal, and direct.

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