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Benefits of online votings

Maintain ballot secrecy with secure and efficient online votings

  • Test your online election for free before your actual election starts
  • Receive legally valid results and conduct online elections according to democratic principles with POLYAS
  • Increase voter turnout with easy vote submission and digital voter communication

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Benefit from online votings and reduce costs

Online voting allows people in today’s mobile and digitally advanced society to participate in the democratic process over the internet. The POLYAS online voting system offers the highest levels of transparency, control, security and efficiency of election processes. Online votings provide voters with a comfortable and secure voting experience and allow election organizers to save resources in planning their next election.

Election organizers - take beenfit of online voting and reduce costs

Simplified election organization

For election organizers, planning postal or ballot box elections is synonymous with high costs: you need to find an appropriate physical space to hold the election, inform eligible voters, prepare postal voting forms and organize the vote count. Give yourself maximum flexibility and efficiency in election planning and create ballots easily online. Send out election invitations and reminders conveniently via email. Observe voter turnout in real-time and engage voters with a few mouse clicks. Easy ballot creation and personal election invitation design, as well as automatic vote counting, greatly simplifies election organization. Complex voting procedures can also be easily be mapped out in the POLYAS online voting system.

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Online voting is an environmentally friendly and resource-efficient type of participation

Paper-based elections are both cost-intensive and burdensome for the environment. One of the benefits of online votings is that they don’t require many resources: compared to postal elections, online votings reduce CO2 emissions by 98%. Conduct an environmentally friendly election and save paper, printing and delivery costs by shifting online. Additionally, save on personell and time expense and skip the drawn-out manual vote count process by choosing online votings.

Minimize mistakes

By eliminating the use of physical post and manual vote counting you can avoid result-distorting mistakes such as loss of voting documents and miscounted votes. Automatic vote counting with POLYAS online votings allows you to access results shortly after the election. Results can also be verified using an external tool.

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Double-voting and double-counting of votes are not possible in the POLYAS system. You’ll receive legally valid election results at a mouse click.

Legally valid election results and adherence to democratic principles

Online election security measures target system availability, elimination of potential manipulations, as well as compliance with data protection and security. All online voting products from POLYAS demonstrably adhere to democratic principles.

POLYAS CORE 2.5.0 fulfils the requirements of the international protection profile under Common Criteria standards and is a central component of our certification from the German Federal Office for Information Security. POLYAS 3.0 uses mathematical and cryptographic methods in adhering to fundamental democratic principles.

Legally valid election results
Increase voter turnout with POLYAS

Increase voter turnout with convenient online voting

Voting should be simple, location-independent and accessible. Reduce barriers to participation and offer your eligible voters secure online voting in order to boost turnout. Adding the option to vote online allows eligible voters to cast their votes at any time within the election period and from any location.

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Election marketing at a mouse click

Offer a comfortable, barrier-free online election and engage voters by sending election invitations and reminders by email. Further engage voters by creating an election website and containing an overview of all important information relevant to the election.

Benefit from the the advantages of online voting!