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Live voting through online elections

  • Carry out live voting with POLYAS at your general assembly
  • Full service from the POLYAS election experts for accurate and legally valid election results
  • Increase absentee voter turnout

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Live voting at the general assembly through online elections

Are you carrying out a poll or an election at your general assembly and do you want to allow all members to participate in decision-making?

Live voting on site can be carried out very efficiently online with maximum safety and legally valid election results.

You and your voters decide on the best voting process.

Inform your members online about the items on the agenda, the various candidates and announcements concerning your general assembly meeting, and offer your members the opportunity to vote online. Your voters will receive their access data by email and will be securely authenticated.

At the meeting itself you can also perform the voting procedure online. All your members need is a device with an Internet connection (smartphone, laptop, tablet etc.). Upon request we can also provide voting terminals to be made available on site through which voters can cast their votes.

Full service for accurate and legally valid election results

POLYAS offers for your live voting at the general assembly a well rounded system in self service. 

Benefits from the experience throughout all phases of your AGM:

  • Online voting on site at the assembly
  • Facilitate election participation for absent members worldwide via the Internet
  • Counting and consolidation of all valid votes
  • Analysis of voter behaviour for future elections

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Service by election experts for ballot box and online voting
Increase turnout with online voting

Increase voter turnout through the addition of online voting

Simplify the management of your election through digital procedures and carry out online voting at the general assembly. This enables your members to cast a valid vote with the click of a button.

Additionally, you can facilitate voting for members who cannot be present at the general assembly by giving them the opportunity of participating in your election worldwide through online voting. Online voting is effective and comfortable, especially for institutions which operate across regional and national borders, because  while fully safeguarding the secrecy of the ballot, online voting doesn't attract any additional costs such as travel expenses to attend meetings.

This enables you to consolidate the democratic legitimacy of your institution and facilitate participation in decision-making.

You will receive valid documentation of the entire voting process and can evaluate and analyse the voting process for future elections.