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Secrecy of the Ballot with POLYAS Online Voting

Conduct a secret online election with POLYAS!

  • Learn how all electoral principles are upheld in online voting with POLYAS
  • ​Secure the secrecy of the ballot and conduct a secret online election
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Legally Secure Online Elections with POLYAS

Elections are typically set up to follow certain electoral principles. Elections have to be conducted universally, equally, freely, directly and secretly. These electoral principles ensure that votes cannot be bought at an election and all voters can cast their vote democratically. 
These principles and the secrecy of the ballot are also ensured when conducting an online election with POLYAS. Below you will learn how these electoral principles are translated into online voting. 

Secrecy of the Ballot in POLYAS Online Elections

All eligible voters are entered into the digital electoral roll and subsequently receive an invitation to the online election. Once the election starts, voters get the access data and address of the voting system. Voters can now fill out the ballot anonymously online, which is then sent to the digital ballot box after it has been checked once more. When the election is over, the ballots are counted automatically and are available for download by the election official.

Secrecy of the Ballot Applies to POLYAS Online Elections as well

The POLYAS voting system runs on physically and systemically separated voting systems. Hence, the electoral roll is separated from vote casting and the ballot box. Only the confirmation that a voter has voted is available to be viewed - it is impossible to determine how a person voted. This ensures that the electoral principles are adhered to.

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Upholding the Electoral Principles when Voting Online with POLYAS

In January 2016, POLYAS received the first ever online election software BSI-certification under Common Criteria for its voting software POLYAS CORE 2.2.3. The standards for certification follow the electoral principles.

This is how the POLYAS Voting System meets the standards:

  • All votes cast leave no trace of the identity of the voter
  • Voters are not able to prove how they voted to third parties
  • Voters are clearly and reliably authenticated so that only registered people from the electoral roll can cast their vote
  • Voters can cast their vote only once
  • Votes cannot be changed, deleted or adjusted during transmission within the network
  • Votes in the digital ballot box cannot be changed, deleted or adjusted
  • Interim results cannot be counted

Through being certified as adhering to these standards, POLYAS Online Voting complies with the electoral principles by delivering universal, equal, free, direct and secret elections 

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Cast Your Legally Binding and Secure Vote with POLYAS Online Voting

The technical capabilities of the POLYAS voting system ensure the electoral principles and secrecy of the ballot are upheld.

In addition, the principle of universality is emphasised as online elections impose less obstacles to vote casting: online voting gives voters with disabilities the chance to cast their vote on their own and completely unassisted. Moreover, patients in hospital can vote independently online. Online voting eliminates the time and effort involved in physically attending the polling station and leaves no opportunity for voting documents to be filled out incorrectly.

Breaking down barriers to participation leads to a higher voter turnout so that decisions made with online voting are not only legally binding, but also more forcefully reflect the will of the electorate.

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