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Safe Online Voting with SecureLink

Easy Voting in Your Intranet

  • Login to the online voting system via a click on a button from your own intranet 
  • Secure access data transmission by SecureLink
  • Single login with known access data

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Easy Access to the Online Voting System

Our premium feature: Your voters can conveniently participate in the online election by voting in your intranet or a secure member area without a separate login. 

The SecureLink allows your voters an easy access to the POLYAS online voting system. 

The security when connecting to the intranet can be vouched for through a signature and an encrypted data transfer with a HTTPS-protocol. 
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Secure authentication for voters

Benefit from Your Intranet

All you need to use the SecureLink feature for your election is a secure member area. Note that all voters need to have access to the member area, your website or the intranet. 

Individual access for every eligible voter 
You give us your electoral roll and we create an individual access-URL for every eligible voter. Beforehand, you can also anonymise the data but it is important that every voter has a clear ID. 

Advantages of the SecureLink Features

Secure and anonymous access for every eligible voter
You transfer the anonymized electoral roll data to us. It is important that every single eligible voter is given a unique code. Based on the allocated code, POLYAS generates an individual SecureLink (an access URL) that directs the voter straight to their online ballot paper. The login credentials of your members on the available electoral roll (for example S-identifier in LDAPS) are also anonymized in the POLYAS online portal (for example via SHA-256 of the S-identifier). As such it ensures that POLYAS does not know the identity of your eligible voters at any point of the election.

Integrate the SecureLink in your system 

After we created all the necessary parameter for your SecureLink connection, we will send you the data and an instruction how to embed it in your intranet. Your system administrator can now integrate the SecureLink with the following data: 

  • an identification feature of your choice (election hash)
  • an individual ID for every eligible voter
  • a feature about the validity of the link (timestamp/ TTL)
  • a signature (individual feature)
  • the Shared Secret (common password for your election)

Now you can integrate a button on your website which by clicking on it, forwards your voter to the POLYAS voting system. 

The online vote casting 
Your voters can now cast their vote in the online voting system without another login.

Features of POLYAS online elections

Set up SecureLink in a few easy steps

The establishment of the SecureLink and the online election takes place intuitively in a few steps: 

  1. Create the ballot for your election easily online
  2. Upload the electoral roll
  3. Integrate the SecureLink feature with our data into you intranet
  4. The eligible voters log in with their usual credentials to the Intranet of their organization and cast their vote online
  5. Look at your voter turnout in real time and download a PDF with the results afterwards.

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