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Online Voting for Student Councils

Elect student councils online and cast the vote digitally

  • Conduct the voting online and reduce the costs by maximum transparency
  • Reach the voters online and maximise the voter turnout
  • Receive legally valid election results at your fingertips

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Easy and efficient management of the voting process

The student council enables the pupils to enact democracy and leadership within their school. The voting procedure to form the student council is of a very high importance, since the whole student body is taking part as the electorate. Online voting can help you increase your voter turnout and legitimize your elections better.

To carry out an online election, no technical conditions are required, but only an Internet connection. As the election manager you decide how to make the electoral roll available, how the voter information should be delivered and how the election results should be proceeded.

To cast their vote, all eligible voters receive an personal ID (e.g. Unique Pupil Number) and a one-time password. With this data, the elegible student can access the voting system in a secure two-step authentication. After logging into the voting system, the online ballot is displayed and the voter may allocate the disposable votes per candidate / list. 

The digital ballot box stores all completed ballots and is locked throughout the entire duration of the election. Only the amount of casted votes is visible to the election manager in the meantime. After the election period the ballot box is counted automatically by the POLYAS system, so the returning officer receives the election results at their fingertips. 

Increase turnout with online student council elections

Enable your electorate to vote worldwide and without barriers. This way, everybody can participate in the student council elections very easily and conveniently. You save the logistics of the printing, sending and counting the paper ballots by hand. 

Reach the voters, where they are: online

In the comfortable way of casting a vote online, you can boost your turnout - especially among younger voters. According to a survey conducted by Forsa, 65% of voters under the age of 30 would vote online. Invite your electorate via e-mail and remind them about the election, very easy and integrated in the online voting tool by POLYAS already.

Increase turnout with online student council elections
Service and support from our online voting experts

Service and support by online voting experts

Receive substantial services by our online voting experts, in all steps of creating the online election of your student council. 


Learn about all functions in our POLYAS online voting support center >