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Fully Managed Online Voting

Full Election Management Service

  • Our voting experts help set up your online election:  ballot papers, electoral roll and test election
  • Sending out personalized election invitations and voter credentials using different channels
  • Efficient and secure voting organization with a permanent contact

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Set up your online election

Setting up your vote with our election experts

Play it safe and let our election managers set up and maintain your elections. We ensure that your election is successfully managed. Be as involved as you like - we can set up regular updates with your election manager or you can let us fully manage your legally valid election from start to finish.

Fully Managed Online Voting:

After the end of the vote, receive a graphical PDF presentation of the election results. Thanks to our years of experience with organizing and implementing online voting, we can eliminate election failures and make sure that your election results are error-free and legally valid with the press of a button.

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Reduce the costs of preparing an election and make voting a better experience for your electorate. Enable the voters to vote via SecureLink or let the members vote live in the general meeting

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Advantages of online voting with POLYAS

The advantages of online voting with POLYAS

Online voting offers many advantages over paper ballots. Save time in your department and your organization and reduce the costs involved with producing, printing and designing and even sending ballots. We can take everything off of your hands - from the creation of voting concepts to the creation and sending of log-in details.

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Please check your legal requirements for sending out election invitations. In some cases a postal invitation is necessary for a clear authentication of the identity of the eligible voters. Please contact the POLYAS voting experts for a service quote.

Concentrate on the most important aspects: Communication with your electorate

As we take the time-intensive stages off of your hands, you can concentrate on increasing your voter turnout. Create a voting micro-site, create an email or letter campaign and contact segments of voters directly to increase participation in your election. We are always happy to help with increasing your voter turnout through creating tailored communication concepts.

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