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  • Customize system texts

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Individual voter communication to increase the voter turnout

Communication with Individual voters increases voter turnout

Would you like to address the voters in a friendly fashion rather than formally and customize the texts in the online voting system to your specifications? We can gladly help you communicate with your voters and increase voter turnout organically. We can use our Online Voting Manager to configure your election to be truly unique according to your needs and tastes.  Our voting system is available in different languages, so that the non-German speaking voters feel more comfortable while casting their vote. 

Is there a language you need that is not on the list?

Our election experts are available for translations should you need them. Contact us today.

In order to make sure that the vote is perfectly phrased, we'll send you a text document with the original voting system text. You can then customize the document according to your vote and return it to us. We'll then implement these changes on the online platform. 

Format individual ballot papers

Use our voting system to format the ballot papers for the voters. In this way, you support a simple and secure voting while maintaining an appropriate tone and visual presentation of your institution in an online election.

Make the most of the creative possibilities of POLYAS Online Voting with:

Would you like to motivate the voters to cast their votes?
Here you find useful tips from the POLYAS voting experts to help you in this regard

Format individual ballot papers
Additional service for your online election

Additional services

Benefit from the vast experience of the POLYAS voting experts and use additional services for a convenient online election. Optionally the voting experts take over the complete organization of the election and create the electoral roll as well as all ballot papers for you. You can check and approve all functions and content of your online elections by carrying out multiple test elections.

Use more POLYAS Services:

  • Integration of your online election into your Intranet: easily implemented with SecureLink
  • Combined with Live voting online election for general meetings
  • Daily updates on the voter turnout
  • Redirect the voters to a URL of your choice after they vote
  • Free-text input fields on your ballot papers

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