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POLYAS Forschungsarbeit sichere Online-Wahlen

Electoral Research at POLYAS

In POLYAS research department we develop the election of the future. We work constantly to improve the POLYAS online voting system. Thus, in the interest of our name patron George Pólya, we cooperate with universities and invest heavily in our research. 

Cryptography and System Architecture

The POLYAS online voting system is constructed in a distinctive architecture after many years in research, which is based on different sub-systems: the ballot box, the electoral roll, the election cockpit and an interposed validator. The sub-systems only receive part of the voting data and check each other on integrity and functionality. Basis for constant control of the sub-systems are checksums. The checksums come from algorithms of the SHA-family, which is currently the strongest kind of encryption. 

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POLYAS Next Generation

An international team develops with “POLYAS NG” the Next Generation of online elections in our research department. The first applications should be finished in 2017 and integrated into POLYAS online voting system. Part of POLYAS NG are features for individual and universal verification of voting and a special method to mix ballots and encrypt them.  

End-to-End-Verification of Voting

Our research department works on making online elections with POLYAS even more transparent and thereby strengthening the principle of public. In the future, it should be possible that voters can understand the path of the ballot almost completely without technical knowledge. The voter will be able to verify if the ballot in the ballot box has all the details it is supposed to have ("cast-as-intended-verification").

Moreover, POLYAS developed a tool for a universal verification of the election. This way, contents of the ballot box can be recounted and the election result verified.

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POLYAS-Tip: Learn more about security and technical background of POLYAS online voting system: security in online elections 

The Research Project FlexiVote

POLYAS works in cooperation with TU Darmstadt and Micromata GmbH on the research project FlexiVote. FlexiVote is a modular system for democratic elections, which can be individually adjusted to specific demands. 

The project is led by POLYAS CTO Moritz Strube and Prof. Dr. Melanie Volkamer from the TU Darmstadt and shall run until end of 2016. The result of the project should be a demonstrator, which can be used and tested. The modular system should simplify the product selection. 

This project is funded by Hessen ModellProjekte with funds from LOEWE – Landes-Offensive zur Entwicklung Wissenschaftlich-ökonomischer Exzellenz, Förderlinie 3: KMU-Verbundvorhaben. The LOEWE-program of the Hesse state government sponsors excellent scientific projects from universities and research institutes in Hesse. The focus is to establish an intensive network of science, not university related research and economy.