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Online voting: How it works

Only 3 steps - and your election is ready to go!

  • Create and manage ballots easily
  • Create the electoral roll and authenticate eligible voters safely
  • Start election and view turnout in real time

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Create a ballot in online voting

1. Create ballot papers

Simply create an account and you can start creating your first online election.

Create your ballot easily online with flexible elements for adding text and electoral lists. With the click of a button you can format the look of your ballot, determine the order of the content and add your logo.

  • Insert candidates and additional information into the ballot
  • Determine the available options for voters
  • Conduct a free trial election with up to five people

More information on creating ballots with POLYAS

Create the electoral roll

2. Create electoral roll

The electoral roll includes all eligible voters and their email addresses. Login credentials for the online voting system are then generated using this data. With POLYAS, you can organize and manage the electoral roll online, ensuring that you always have a clear overview of the election.

  • Create and manage the list of eligible voters
  • Use our convenient template for setting up the electoral roll
  • Check all email addresses automatically

More about creating your electoral roll online

Launch your election

3. Launch your election

Now you're almost ready to go. Simply schedule the election period, select your desired method of notifying voters about the election, and decide when to notify them.

  • Schedule the start and end of the election
  • Create an election invitation for voters
  • Seal and start your legally valid election with the click of a button

Note: Note: You can test your online election for free with up to five test voters before your actual election starts. More about the test vote

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