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Representative Election of the Cooperative Bank

The PSD Bank Westfalen-Lippe eG conducted its representative election as a pure online election: 43,591 voting members elected 60 representatives and 12 substitute representatives.

Online Representative Election of the Co-operative Bank

Board Election of the Protestant Church

In the church council election of the Protestant Church of Kurhessen-Waldeck, 10% of all eligible voters voted online. A study demonstrates the high level of satisfaction of the online voters.

Online Board Election of the Protestant Church

Youth Parliament Election in the City of Buchholz

In the Youth Parliament election of the city Buchholz, 3,000 voters voted online. The online election fits the user behavior of young people and is also very cost effective.

Online Youth Parliament Election in the City of Buchholz

Supervisory Board Election of Osiander

In the supervisory board election of the bookstore Osiander, more than 500 employees in 26 different cities voted. The employees voted online nationwide easily.

Online Supervisory Board Election of Osiander

Election of Stakeholders from Photonics21

In the online election for the stakeholders of the technology platform Photonics21, 335 members from all over Europe voted. The voter turnout was 74 percent!

Stakeholder Election of the Stakeholders from Photonics21

Board of Directors Election Online

Read what the PMI Chapter Southern Germany thinks about voting it's Board of Directors online with POLYAS and how online voting made the election management easier. 

Read about PMIs Board of Directors Election online

Online Elections with POLYAS

Our customers opt for a simple and legally valid online election which facilitates the management of even complex elections and referendums.

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