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Elect Your Board of Directors Online

  • save costs of up to 70% by voting online 
  • high security voting standards with POLYAS 
  • facilitate election management in your building society 

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Save costs by voting your board of directors online with POLYAS

Decrease Your Board Election Costs by Voting Online

Most of the building societies operate in local areas all around the UK. This is one key factor why customers choose to become members of building societies: they are nearby and often involved in the community, which makes them more trustworthy than national traditional banks. Building societies care about their members and offer a variety of voting options to cast their vote in the board of directors’ election. Still, they can benefit from online voting and decrease their election costs by up to 70%.

Online voting offers several benefits for members and society but three key factors are perfectly obvious:

  • you save money - reduce your election costs
  • you save time - valid time for your customers 
  • you save paper - think green, go digital 

Be part of the digitalised world and add online voting to your voting options. It will make elections easier and more convienient for your members and your society. 

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High Security Software Ensures the Validity of Your Election

Casting your vote online becomes more and more important in our digitalised world and mutuals like building societies could benefit from it. POLYAS can help you to increase your voter turnout and offers members easy access to the election. Our secure election software is one of our key features which distinguishes us from the rest.  Amongst other things, we offer a clear and reliable voter authentication. In addition, the identity of the voter and their casted vote cannot be retraced. 

POLYAS voting software CORE 2.2.3 received a security certificate by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) in 2016. The certificate was awarded POLYAS as the first online election provider so that POLYAS offers online elections according to Common Criteria Standards and is also in line with democrate voting. 

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Secure Online Voting with POLYAS
Facilitate your election management by voting online with POLYAS

Easy Election Management in Building Societies

Mutuals like building societies are owned by their members and they influence how the society is run. Therefore, it should be as easy as possible for them to vote on their board of directors and resolutions. The regular election process takes up time and money, which could be better used elsewhere in the building society. 

Online elections are not as complicated as everybody imagines. It's quick and easy and saves not only costs, but also paper. Create your ballot online, upload the electoral roll and send invitations for the election to your members online. Moreover, you reach more members of your building society by voting online because it is more convienient. 

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