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Elect your Board of Directors Online

  • Facilitate your election management by voting online 
  • Reach more members - higher voter turnout
  • A decrease in costs – save money for community projects or others

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Facilitate your election management by voting online with POLYAS

Easy Election Management for Your Board Elections

Friendly societies are all about their members: they not only receive benefits but also elect their board of directors.  These elections demand a complex election process. Creating the ballot, sending out the election documents and counting the returned ballots manually.

This process could easily be facilitated by voting online from anywhere in the world. You can create your digital ballot and electoral roll quick and easy with POLYAS.  You can also carry out live voting at your AGM and combine it with online voting. POLYAS will support you in setting up and implementing live voting for your members and provides you with legally valid elections results. 

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Decrease Your Election Expenses in Friendly Societies

Friendly societies can benefit from new technologies and make their elections easier and better accessible to their members. Online voting means a decrease in costs of up to 70%! It saves postage and printing costs as well as paper which is environmental. Another important factor is the time you save by setting up your whole election online from start to end.  Create your digital ballot and electoral roll just by a few clicks with our online election software. 

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Save costs by voting your board of directors online with POLYAS
Increase the voter turnout by voting online

Increase Your Voter Turnout in Board Elections

Friendly societies still play an important role in the financial market because of their close relationship to members, given that most friendly societies operate in a local area. The close proximity helps to build trust and allows members to be more involved in the work of the society. However, not all members make use of their vote to influence the operation of the friendly society. This can be changed by adding online voting to your voting options which is easy and convenient for your members. 

The electorate benefits from online voting because it is not bound to go to their local branch or use postal vote, which saves time and money. The convenience of online voting is undeniable and increases voter turnout just by being able to vote online. If more members vote, decisions made in the friendly society are more democratic and reflect the electorate. 

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