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The BSI-Standards are published by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), and they contain information on setting up IT security. The various BSI-Standards are sorted according to the following numbers and respective criteria:  

  1. Information security management systems (ISMS) (100-1).
  2. IT risk management procedures (100-2)
  3. Preparation of risk analysis for high and very high security requirements, constructing and running IT security analysis (100-3)
  4. Emergency management (100-4)

Since 2006 the Office for Information Security matches its standards regularly with international norms such as ISO and IEC 27001.

The implementation of BSI-standards compliance is important for the functioning of IT security. The standards mean activities are checked for IT security and by doing so an IT security certificate can be obtained. How these standards are introduced and implemented is described in the IT Security Catalogues, which have comprised the IT Security Handbook along with BSI standards since 2005.

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