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Postal Vote

Postal vote means a binding vote casting via post. Some election requiring presence offer, in addition to voting on the poll site, the possibility of registering for a postal vote, so as to allow more freedom in terms of space and time for casting your vote. The requirememnt for participants in a postal vote is the use of a ballot paper. Postal vote is a form of long-distance voting, besides online voting. 

In a postal vote, the filled ballot paper is put in a separate envelope, which is then put together with the personal information of the voter in a reply-paid envelope and sent via post to the elections committee. Because of the post required time the postal vote is regulated as an advanced election, as the vote casting of ballots is completed before the election day.

Postal vote is comparably expensive and susceptible to election fraud, yet it has a growing popularity among voters. Such vote casting is very comfortable in a mobile society, and allows voting in absence.

Also possible is to combine postal voting with online voting: 
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