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See the election turnout in real time

Real Time Voter Turnout

With the POLYAS online voting system you can follow the number of votes cast in real time in the election management centre. This allows you to monitor participation throughout the election and gives you the opportunity to actively increase voter turnout.

Voter turnout in the POLYAS online voting system

In the POLYAS online voting system, the number of completed ballots in the digital ballot box are already being counted during the election. You obtain a graphical representation of the voter turnout in the election management centre. This graph consists multiple measurement points throughout the election period. Participation in your election will be measured at these measurement points. The measurement points are placed between a minimum of five minutes to one hour apart. The measurement intervals are uniformly distributed so that the exact number of measuring points can vary between individual elections.

An election with an election period of four days takes 96 hours. The closest value to achieve 100 measurement points is therefore an hourly interval. Thus, the graph would update voter turnout once every hour.

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Transparent overview of the electoral roll

In addition to the graphical representation of voter turnout, our online voting software lets you see which voters have already voted in the electoral roll. Voters who have filled out a ballot online are marked accordingly on the electoral roll.

You will not receive any information about how individual voters have voted. The secrecy of the ballot is strictly maintained at POLYAS.

This allows you the opportunity to segment your electorate into voters and non-voters in order to be able to carry out appropriate measures to activate your electorate.

Increasing voter turnout

If you can already see the turnout during the election, you will get valuable information about your voters' willingness to participate.
You can then draw conclusions about how successful your voter communication has been and possibly send a voting reminder about the election or implement other measures to increase voter turnout.