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  • We have 20 years of experience with more than 1,000 successful online elections
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We've done online voting for more than 20 years: we're professionals!

Our experts in digital elections have supported more than 1,000 successful online elections and will also assist you in planning your election. Competent and safe!
More than 2.5 million voters already trust POLYAS and have voted online with POLYAS.

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Comprehensive consultation for complex online voting processes

Do you want to elect various bodies within your institution simultaneously? Do you have different groups of voters with different voting rights?

With POLYAS you can easily implement complex online election processes. We support you in setting up your legally valid online election.

With the traditional manner of voting, a complex committee election would entail high costs for the creation of the ballot itself. With POLYAS you can easily create your ballot by clicking and customising. In the case of very complex elections we even take on the entire process for you and you will receive accurate and legally valid election documents and results.

Easy election management with POLYAS online voting
Combine online voting with the absentee ballot

The right voting procedure? Just combine it!

There are of course circumstances under which integrating postal voting into your election procedure will be beneficial to your organisation. We understand that different organisations have specific and sometimes very complex needs, so we therefore offer you the opportunity to conduct your elections as you desire. This can be achieved by combining both postal voting and online voting, or integrating an online election with a classical ballot box election or perhaps a live vote at the general assembly with an additional online election. All of these options and more can be easily implemented with POLYAS!

You and your voters determine the appropriate election procedures.

We take care of the organisation of all electoral processes: from distributing ballot papers by post or email, to the counting of ballots and the analysis of voting behaviour for future elections. You decide what's best for your next election!