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Nominate, support and run for positions with the POLYAS Nomination Platform

  • Pre-election candidacy submission with a mouse click 
  • Collect and check supporting signatures online
  • Combine nominations with online voting

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The POLYAS Nomination Platform

The powerful POLYAS Nomination Platform

Before an election for association boards, university committees, or employee representations, there must be a field of candidates. Candidate proposals or candidate lists, supporting signatures and digital consents for the nomination must be administered. This requires enormous personnel as well as material expenses. Also, the large amount of time required for candidate nominations must be factored in.

Be the election administrator who lowers these costs and ensure a simple and secure candidacy for your nominees with POLYAS!

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Conduct the entire nominations process online on the POLYAS Nomination Platform and save valuable time for your election management: From the creation of voter groups through the administration of supporting signatures, candidate proposals, digital consents and communication to the voters to the verification of the candidate lists - everything can be done with the click of a mouse.

Efficient and transparent candidacy

How to nominate your election candidates online

  1. Specify the boards or positions for which nominations should be put forward.
  2. Decide if self-nominations and/or nominations by another and/or list nominations are permitted.
  3. Create the electoral register and establish who may nominate.
  4. Set up the voter groups and digital candidate lists.
  5. Schedule the nominations period and send out the invitations.
  6. See and verify the submitted candidate proposals.

During the nominations period that you have set, your nominators can manage their own candidacy for the upcoming election, put forward individuals in their electoral district, or support candidates with supporting signatures. It is within their powers to amend, withdraw, and submit new nominations, as per the election rules. You as election officer can observe the whole nominations period in real time and communicate with your nominators using the POLYAS Nomination Platform.

Efficient and transparent candidacy
Online voting and candidacy with POLYAS

Online voting and -candidacy

Connect the online voting for your board or position directly with the online nominations of your candidates.

As such you avoid the media interruption between digital communication and paper-based nominations and voting. Benefit from the advantages of POLYAS Online Voting and set nominators and voter groups on the Nomination Platform. As such only those who have the right to nominate can do so for each voter group. Learn more about the nomination rights >

Manage everything in the Online Voting Manager 

Import your electoral register and candidate lists from your online nominations to the POLYAS Online Voting Manager and let your candidates be elected easily and barrier-free online.