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Students' Union Elections Online

Students cast their vote online at the students’ union

  • Save up to 70% of costs through online voting and conduct elections efficiently
  • Increase voter turnout across the student body with convenient and tailored voting procedures
  • Benefit from highest data protection and trustworthy results
Create Ballots online with a few clicks

Easy and efficient election management

Your union does not require any special hardware or system for carrying out an online election. You decide how to make the electoral roll available, how the delivery of voter information should be carried out, and how the election results should be processed. Ideally, you manage these processes directly in the POLYAS online voting system, effectively saving time, effor and costs. 

Easily create your ballot and make it work for you

Create your ballot online by drag & drop with our preformatted elements for individuals and list elections. Use your templates again for further elections and update them if necessary.

Assign each group of voters the appropriate ballot

Invite eligible students to elect union officers, NUS delegates, other representatives or vote on various resolutions to improve the democratic record of your union.
Conduct multiple elections simultaneously and assign the correct ballot to the individual voter group by the click of the mouse. 

See here how to create an online election in 3 simple steps

Increase turnout with online students’ union elections

Hold complex elections for sabbatical officers and other representatives at your union online. With the POLYAS online voting system you can assign different groups of voters to the respective ballots (e.g.clubs and societies) with a simple mouse click. You manage the electoral roll digitally and comfortably add new voters.
​This way, students in their year abroad, those living off campus, working students and even lifetime members can all participate in the union elections from anywhere in the world and you incidentally increase your voter turnout

Customise your elections! Combine online voting with other procedures

There are, of course, instances in which a postal vote is purposeful. Invite mature students or lifetime members of your union to vote via post. Or organise elections on campus to increase turnout. For these purposes we offer you the combination of absentee ballot and online voting.
The combination of an online election with a classic ballot box election or a live vote at the general assembly with an additional online election can easily be implemented with POLYAS.

You and your voters determine the appropriate election procedures

Leave the rest to us! We take care of the organisation of the entire electoral process: from the dispatch of the ballot papers by post or e-mail, to the counting of ballots and the analysis of voting behaviour for future elections.

Students vote online
Data protection and secure servers for online elections

High security and data protection

Prevent election fraud and ensure complete secrecy of the ballot of your voters. POLYAS IT architecture is the first and only online voting software worldwide to receive the "Common Criteria" safety certification of the German Ministry for Security in Information Technology (BSI).

Anonymous voting and secure procedure
Voters register on the online voting system in a two-step procedure with a personal ID and a one-time password. After logging in with these two credentials, the voters' identity is encrypted by a secure token. Through this token, vote casting is always anonymous and only the eligible persons are allowed to vote.

Because of the complex architecture of our system, it is virtually impossible for outside parties to tamper with your elections.
Find out more about secure authentication

Trustworthy results
Recount your votes and review election results whilst preserving the democratic basis of your elections. POLYAS system of checksums ensures that you always get accurate election results without damaging ballot secrecy. After the election has ended you may recount the digital ballot box to ensure the results' correctness.
Learn more on independent verification of election results