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Combine postal voting with online voting

  • Combine the most convenient election procedures for your electorate: postal and online voting
  • Comprehensive service by our election experts for error-free and legally valid election results
  • Reduce costs and personnel expenses to the absolute minimum

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Increase security and efficiency through online voting

Comfortable voting by post and online

Do you want to offer your electorate a convenient election regardless of their location, but cannot exclusively offer an online election for organisational reasons?

The combined voting procedure of postal voting and online voting is appropriate if you do not have the email addresses of all of your members or if you want to facilitate a smooth transition towards voting entirely online in the future.

You and your voters can choose an appropriate election procedure to suit your organisation's individual needs.

One way of conducting online elections is to send the election documents by email and implement the election entirely online. Another approach is to integrate both postal and online voting by informing part of your electorate solely by post and the rest through only digital channels.

This empowers your voters to cast their vote however they prefer.

Enjoy our complete service for combined elections

POLYAS handles the entire organisation of combined online and postal voting for you in order to ensure legally valid and accurate election results.

Our experienced election experts support you throughout all phases of your election:

  • Send election documents by post or email
  • Vote by post or online
  • Counting and consolidation of all completed ballots
  • Evaluation of voter behaviour for future elections

Contact our election experts for comprehensive service in a combined postal vote and online election

Combine online voting with the absentee ballot

Reduce election costs through combining election procedures

Pure postal voting is costly because the absentee ballot papers must be created, printed and sent. There are also additional costs for the return of completed ballots and high personnel costs associated with manually counting votes.

By combining an absentee ballot with the digital features of an online election you will reduce your election costs to a minimum.

Send your election documents digitally and prevent manipulation through intelligent security mechanisms.
Watch your voter turnout in real time and count the election results without error at the click of a button.

This allows your voters the opportunity to vote conveniently from any location - by post or online.