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Send out Voter notifications via Email

Send Polling Cards with One Click

The transfer of information is crucial to taking part in an election. Only when the voter is completely informed about the election can they exercise their voting right. Sending targeted polling cards through different channels ensures that your election genuinely reflects the will of your voters.

An important element of voter information is sending out the polling card. With a POLYAS online election, you can send your polling card with just one click. 

Sending the Polling Card via Email

In a POLYAS online election, you first create your ballot with a few clicks, upload the electoral roll and then decide on the dates for your election. Additionally, you can specify how voters will receive the polling card. Depending on whether there are legal deadlines attached to sending the polling card, or what time is most convenient for voters, you can choose from the following dates to send your polling card: 

  • The polling card can be sent at the beginning of the election period so that voters can start voting right away
  • The polling card can be sent before the election period begins so that voters can plan their voting (select a date from between one and seven days before the election) 

Create individual texts for your online polling card
There is a polling card template in the POLYAS voting manager. In a premium election, these texts can be adjusted to address and activate your voters individually.

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High Voter Turnout thanks to Extensive Election Information

First notify your voters of the election in a circular, and inform them that they will soon receive the access data for the online voting system from POLYAS via email. If a voter forgets their access data or cannot find their polling card anymore, you can resend the data. 

During the online election, you can see which people have already cast their vote in the electoral roll and monitor the voter turnout in real time. In our experience, sending out a short voting reminder during the election period increases voter turnout.  


POLYAS-tip: take advantage of POLYAS online voting premium-features and send access data via post. Request a legally non-binding quote now! 

Polling Card via Post or directly to your Intranet

By choosing the premium election service, you have the option to send voters your polling card via post. Alternatively, you can integrate access to the online voting system into your intranet, making it even more convenient for your voters.

If you choose a POLYAS premium election, we take care of everything. We create the electoral roll and the ballots. In addition, we offer options to integrate more voting procedures.

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